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WPC products auxiliary machines

WPC products auxiliary machines

1,Wood powder milling machine .The wood powder milling machine is composed of rough crushing device, storagebin, miller part, rotational flow tank, pulse dust collector, etc. This machine can continuously produce the wood powder in 40-100 mesh. The wood powder can be used to make WPC products.

2,Wood powder dryer .

3,WPC Profile online embossing machine.The max working width is 200mm. It can be installed on calibrating platform, WPC profiles surface can be made into 3D wood grain, stone pattern, etc.

4,WPC profile offline embossing machine.The max. Working width of the profile offline embossing machine is 300mm. The machine adopts electric heating device and was driven by motor. WPC profile surface can be made into 2D pattern offline and 3D patter online.

5,WPC sanding machine.The WPC sanding machine sanding on WPC products surface. The sanding belt can be changed according to different surface roughness requirement. The sanding WPC profiles can be embossed for the next step or installed directly.

6,WPC profile napping machine.The WPC profile napping machine is suitable for the napping treatment of the WPC profile surface. The napping WPC profile has the stronger stereoscopic effect, increased slip resistance and natural wood grain. It can not be sued to remove the irregularity of the profiles surface.

WPC door panel processing equipment

7,CNC engraving machine.The CNC engraving machine is suitable for making the pattern on the door panel surface and drilling glass frame, hinge slot, keyhole and panel side lock hole.

8.HG-1200 PUR WPC door panel laminating machine.

9,HG-300 WPC door frame PUR hot-glue laminating machine

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