Wood Plastic Composite WPC machines

our company is professional for the Whole WPC production line with turnkey Project Service since 1998.

We have all the WPC machines in factory stock and can be tested at anytime.

 We have different type of WPC machines to make different WPC products from different raw material,such as:

1, PP PE WPC profile machine:

Material: recycled 30% PP/PE+70% wood powder+chemical additives.

Product: WPC decking, WPC wall cladding, WPC fence, WPC pergola..

2, PVC WPC profile machine:

Material: 50%PVC+20% wood+20% caco3+ Chemical additives.

Product: WPC door frame, WPC wall panel, WPC decoration profiles indoor.

3, PVC WPC door machine:

Material:50% PVC+20% wood+20% caco3 +Chemical additives.

Product: Hollow Door panel, Cabinet Door, and other big profiles

4, PVC WPC board machine:

Material: 60% PVC+10% wood +20% CaCo3+ Chemical additives.

Product: Solid door panel, Furniture board, partition wall panel, decoration solid panel.

5,UPVC window profiles and panel making machines

Material: 40% PVC+50% CaCo3+ Chemical additives.

Products:UPVC windows and doors,PVC ceiling,PVC wall panel,PVC rain gutter,PVC profiles.

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

Single wall corrugated pipe machine

We have 22 years experience for the single wall corrugated pipe machine,our machines are suitable for the corrugated pipe range from 4.5mm to 160mm,our high speed type can reach 25m/min.We have sold more than 100 sets of corrugated pipe machines to 30 countries and regions

SJDBGZ Series Plastic Single-wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

The machine to produce corrugated pipes of PE\PP\EVA\PVC\PA\nylon.This production line with good performance and reasonable price,it will be the best choice for your producing single-wall corrugated pipe.

General introduction of the plastic single wall corrugated pipe machine

1, material for the single wall corrugated pipe and corrugated tube:
This production line can be used to produce corrugated pipes of PE,PP,PVC,EVA continuously,as well as PA corrugated pipes

2, application for the single wall corrugated pipe and corrugated tube:
Plastic single-wall corrugated pipes have feathers of high temperature resistance,resistant to corrosion and abrasion,high intensity,good flexibility,etc.They are widely used in fields of auto wire,electric thread-passing pipes,circuit of machine tool,protective pipes of lamps and lanterns wire,tubes of air conditioner and washing machine,etc.

3, advatanges of the single-wall corrugated pipe machine (the machine for corrugated tube):

SJDBGZ seies plastic single-wall corrugated pipe production line developed by our company adopts gears to run modules and templates so as to realize water circulating cooling and air cooling of the products,which ensures high-speed molding,even corrugation,smooth inner and outer pipe wall.These corrugated pipes are especially used as wires of the up-market cars.
This production line with good performance and reasonble price,it will be the best choice for your producing single-wall corrugated pipe.

Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

Double wall corrugated pipe machine

Our double wall corrugated pipe machine use the  aluminum module which with water cooling can vacuum cooling for high speed.We have professional designers and sophisticated processing machine to ensure the accuracy of the mould block.

SJSBWG series double - wall corrugated pipe production line can continuously produce HDPE, PP double - wall corrugated pipe. The main extruder adopts high-efficiency screw, the die head adopts double-layer spiral structure, mouth die and core die being nitrided ,

The forming machine adopts vacuum forming type,equipped with automatic lubrication system.Forming mould is made of SC-45.The pipe can be cutting by cutting machine automatically in fixed length

SBWG-250 double - wall corrugated pipe production line can continuously produce HDPE double - wall corrugated pipe and this line can achieve on-line belling.

The machine has the function of automatic demoulding when power is off.

The extruder adopt high-efficiency screw, the die head adopts double-layer spiral structure, mould die and core die being nitrided ,

The forming machine adopts vacuum forming type, equipped with automatic lubrication system.Forming mould is made of aluminium alloy, adopt water cooling type.

The pipe can be cut by on-line cutting machine automatically.

PP PE PPR PVC Pipe Machine

SJPEG Series Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line can produce PP/PE/PPR material single layer and multi layer pipes continuously.Extruder equipped with special designed screw for polyolefin . It has the features of high capacity, even plasticization, stable extrusion.Mould adopt spiral structure,processed from 45# forged steel.Calibrator is made by copper alloy, surface is fine finish and high hardness.The caterpillar of haul off machine is made of silicone synthetic material, which has high friction and durability.

SJPVCG Series Pipe Extrusion Line can produce PVC/CPVC Pipes.

This PVC Pipe Production Line is consists by conical twin screw extruder,mould,vacuum calibrating, tank-water spraying tank,haul off machine,cutter,stacker

Extruder and Haul Off Machine adopt AC frequency speed regulator.

Mould is processed from SC 45# forged material. Mould inner wall is chromed, surface is smooth.

Haul Off machine could use 2 caterpillar, 4 caterpillar etc according to the pipe diameter and wall thickness

Cutter could use saw cutting and planetary cutting, equipped with meter counter.

The machine has reliable performance and high production efficiency.

By changing extra mould or extruder, this machine could also produce spiral wall pipe, hollow wall pipe, and foam core layer pipe.

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